Steps to Success

cnccslide2college.1Immediate Phase-Housing First!

  • Youth moves into a private residence, becomes stabilized, sets goals, attends school, responsible for chores, applies for weekend employment, if 14+ years old.
  • Youth assisted into shared housing with mature, responsible, adults in a ‘roommate’ situation with modest rental fee.
  • Stabilized, goals set, attends school, chores, obtains weekend employment.
  • Youth assisted into a Teen Shelter Program outside of our local community ie: Urban Peak-Colorado Springs or Dream Tree Project-Taos, New Mexico.

Parental consent required for both shelters if under 18 years of age.    575-758-9595   719-630-3223

Intermediate PhaseEstablished Residence, Moving Forward, Setting Goals

  • Stabilized, meeting goals, gaining confidence, plans for future. Apply at two or more colleges with dormitory housing or traditional student housing (1) full semester before the start of session. Example: Apply in July/August for Spring semester of the following year, complete high school or obtain GED during this period, if necessary. Spring semester begins in January for Colorado Community Colleges and Fort Lewis College.
  • Employed, saving account established for deposit money for student housing ($300). Open bank Savings Account, (2) signatures required for withdrawal.


Transitional Phase

The Future is bright! YOU ARE GOING TO COLLEGE, meeting new friends, exciting new challenges ahead. Living with pride and purpose. Life is good!

  • Preparation begins for student housing on campus; bedding, towels, toiletries, book bags and back pack, notebooks, clothing, shoes/boots, bicycle & helmet
  • Home study program or online refresher course for selected classes in upcoming semester, laptop acquisition
  • Begin saving for a vehicle down payment or buy an economical car for all cash when initial $300 is in Saving Account.


Colorado Community Colleges have 13 colleges that support 35 campuses across the state. And the open admissions policy means that we believe in encouraging and assisting all motivated high school graduates and dual-credit students. SIX of these colleges have on-campus housing & meal plans.

Explore! Choose a program that interests you

Find campuses that offer your program, or programs, of interest Visit your college’s website and schedule a campus visit

Choose Your College   Apply online to at least two colleges of your choice.    What does it cost to apply?  $0 

Take the ACCUPLACER Assessment Tests, if necessary

Use the Chat with a Counselor feature in our online application if you need assistance.

Or contact us by calling the admissions office of the campus of your choice.  Apply Now!!

Fund! Financial Aid is available. Determine the aid that you need-Learn about the various federal financial aid and grant opportunities

Apply for the College Opportunity Fund to offset some of your tuition. Free to Apply.

Funding is available for state residents pursuing an undergraduate education through the College Opportunity Fund (COF). Applying for COF support is easy, and you only have to do it once. Apply at You can also apply for federal and state financial aid at

Grants-They do not have to be repaid, and you could be eligible for one or more of a variety of grants through the federal government, state agencies, and colleges.

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant
  • Federal TEACH Grant
  • Institutional grants
  • State-sponsored grants
  • Grants cover tuition, books, housings/meal plans

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Contact Durango Homeless Youth Advocates with questions.

Call or Text    (970) 403-6762